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How local is information in Wikipedia?

This visualization shows the percentage of source citations in Wikipedia's articles about a country that are published locally by that country. For example, it answers: How many of the sources cited in articles about Mexico are published locally in Mexico? All URLs that appear in articles are considered sources, and their location is inferred using a novel geoprovenance inference algorithm. Click on a specific country to view more information about the articles and sources in that country.

For more information, refer to our paper:
Shilad Sen, Heather Ford, Dave Musicant, Mark Graham, Os Keyes, and Brent Hecht. 2015. Barriers to the Localness of Volunteered Geographic Information. Proceedings of CHI 2015. New York: ACM Press.

    more than 75%
50% to 75%
25% to 50%
10% to 25%
0% to 10%
no data

Most viewed articles

article views %

*Views of articles over 168 randomly chosen hours (one week's worth) during the past year. Only includes in geo-tagged articles.

Most cited sources

source citations %

*Domains viewed less than 5 times not shown. Domains whose country is not inferred with high confidence not included. Only includes sources in geo-tagged articles.